Purpose and Function


  • a) To provide a forum for organisations in the Bradford and District who provide Befriending Services to older people to network and discuss issues of a common interest.
  • b) To provide a support base for new workers in the field.


Aims and Objectives

  • To develop and share best practice in befriending
  • To investigate and discuss opportunities for partnership working and avoid unnecessary duplication
  • To facilitate the signposting of referrals and volunteers to appropriate areas
  • To positively influence and educate public and voluntary sector organisations/partnerships with the aim of providing benefits to the befriending schemes based in Bradford and District
  • To increase the awareness and profile of befriending in Bradford and District



  • Quality Standards
  • Identifying training needs of the group and methods of delivering these needs
  • Identifying and sharing resources
  • Joint advertising programmes
  • Enhancing relationships with statutory bodies including referral bodies, commissioners and key funders
  • Maintaining boundary issues regarding referrals

The above list is not exhaustive and additional topics will be identified by the group as particular issues come to prominence.


Membership is open to organisations through out Bradford and District that provide befriending services. Members to provide public contact details to be listed on publicity such as website or flyers and emails of up to two contacts for meeting agendas, minutes and other membership circulation. Members failing to respond may be warned and then deemed lapsed after a year. Any organisation that has an interest interest in the management, co-ordination, supervision and development of Bradford and District befriending schemes may be invited to attend all or part of meetings as a guest or prospective/ affiliate member.


The forum is primarily a network group and has no formal decision making powers. Decisions made by the group would typically include deciding future agenda items and inviting guest speakers. These decisions will be made by consensus.

The Network has no paid secretary or other officer, all tasks being shared. We expect members to send a representative or apologies to meetings, with a brief update. Meeting minutes will be circulated to all those members present at the meeting, then circulated to full membership.

Amendments to Terms of Reference
The Terms of Reference should be reviewed every 3 years and if necessary amended.

Regulatory, Duration and Venue of Meetings
Meetings will be every 3-4 months. Meetings are expected to last approximately two hours
The venue will vary, by agreement by the organisations represented in the group. The Chair and Minutes of the Meeting will normally be revolved amongst the group.


Updated 12/04/21